August 17, 2021

Hello World, meet Lune — Every product & service must become climate positive

‍At Lune, we're on the mission to make every product and service climate positive by default. We enable companies to easily make climate impact a seamless part of their customer experience by offering the API for carbon offsetting and removal.

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Exponential change feels slow at first and then sudden (as someone wise once said).

Right now our planet is at the early stages of "sudden".

Heat Death, Drowning, Wildfire, Hunger...

Turn on the news today and you'll see every chapter from David Wallace-Wells' book "The Uninhabitable Earth" one after the other. And the newly published IPCC report scientifically confirms much of the climate "fearmongering".

"It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land." IPCC AR6 report

It's not all terrible though.

Consumers increasingly demand sustainable products and services and employees are attracted to companies with clear sustainability strategies in place. It's encouraging to see companies beginning to make climate impact a strategic priority. Going forward, best-in-class companies will differentiate, beat their competition, and grow profitably by offering the most sustainable product or service in the market.

The number one priority for companies should be to reduce their carbon footprint. However, very few companies will be able to reduce their emissions to zero (at least in the short/medium term). In addition, we need to remove billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Carbon removal is crucial for the future of our planet. When included in a robust climate strategy, carbon removal is a phenomenal way for companies to have a positive impact beyond emissions reductions. These funds are essential for scaling projects like reforestation, forest conservation or innovative solutions to permanently remove CO2, such as biochar or direct air capture.

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At Lune, we are razor-focused on helping companies become best-in-class climate organisations. We make it super easy for any company to access high-quality carbon removal projects and make tangible climate impact a core part of their value proposition. In the future, every transaction we make will automatically remove carbon from the atmosphere. Companies will engage their consumers by allowing them to choose where the money should go while educating them about their climate impact. It is the only way we can scale carbon removal to the extent we need to.

Similar to how over the last decade, every company has become a software company, over the next decade, every company will become a climate company. Powered by Lune.

Why don't you start the climate positive movement at your company today? Sign up or get in touch.

Photo credits: @NASA and @jpgbarbosa via Unsplash.