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Build climate impact into every customer experience
Build climate impact
into every customer experience
Measure Emissions
Remove all friction with automated carbon emissions calculations for purchases, logistics, travel and more. Based on leading international standards.

Integrate Emissions calculations
Fund carbon
Lune API
Create climate positive customer experiences by integrating innovative carbon removal with just a few lines of code. You are in full control.

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Low & No-code tools
Optimise for speed and go live in minutes with Lune’s Low or No-code tools, such as Offset Links on your invoices or a Widget in your checkout. No software developers required!
The easiest way to access traditional offsets and innovative carbon removal projects. Neutralise your company’s emissions with just 2-3 clicks.

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Dashboard - Buy Offsets
Share your impact
Sustainability Page and Certificates generated for you or your customers. Tailor the page to your needs and share your impact with employees and customers!

See example Sustainability page
Nail the messaging
Build your climate go-to-market supported by Lune’s messaging frameworks, templates, and best practices to safely start a conversation with your customers and your teams.
We chose Lune because of the great software developer experience & carbon project selection. Now we are able to offer our customers trustworthy carbon offsetting as a core part of our value proposition.
Peter Kirby
Peter KirbyCo-founder at Tred
Let's create some climate impact!