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About us

Our mission is to make every product and service climate positive by default.

Talking about abstract "1.5-2.0°C goals" and "the year 2100" is downplaying the problem.

Let's make it real

We have put 1 trillion tonnes of excess greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is causing our planet to heat by the equivalent of 5 atomic bombs every second. (We are still here only because oceans absorbed 90% of this so far.) We need to stop emitting GHG and remove gigatonnes from the atmosphere.

Change is in the air

Consumers demand sustainable products and services, talent is drawn to sustainable opportunities and sustainable businesses grow faster.

The top priority for every company should be reducing their emissions. But, to get to net zero and beyond, we need innovative carbon removal.

Emission reduction requires a herculean effort. Carbon removal should not. At Lune, we remove all friction and enable carbon removal and offsetting to be seamlessly built into any service. Climate positive by default.

In the future, everything we do, whether it's taking a taxi or ordering a book online, will have a positive impact on the planet.

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