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Powering a climate positive future

Make your product or service climate positive by default. Lune's software and API enables innovative carbon removal and high-quality carbon offsetting to be seamlessly built into any service.

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Flexible, customer-facing impact

Make climate impact part of the customer experience. With Lune, you can easily engage your end-customers.

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Zero-friction automation

Carbon offsetting should not require manual effort. We put it on autopilot so you can focus on emissions reduction.

High-quality projects

Lune connects you with a library of innovative carbon removal and high-quality carbon offset projects.

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API for climate conscious developers

Use the Lune API to connect carbon offsetting to your service or build new climate positive offerings. It has never been this easy.

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Visual dashboard for every team

Purchase carbon removal and offsets manually, monitor progress and export reports through the Lune dashboard.

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