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Grow your business as a
sustainable logistics platform
Grow your business as a
sustainable logistics platform
Stand out by helping shippers make greener decisions
Get ahead of mandatory industry regulation and bring emissions transparency into your customer experience – with full control over calculation granularity. Methodology audited & accredited by Smart Freight Centre, following the GLEC Framework, and compliant with ISO 14083.

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Smart Freight Centre GLEC accreditation
Logistics Dashboard
Win more customers by making climate action part of your platform
Up to 2 in 3 shippers choose to create climate action through their shipments — tap into the growing demand by offering high quality carbon offsets to your customers.

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Bring climate into supply chain conversations
Create stronger relationships with your customers by safely bringing climate and emissions insights into everyday logistics conversation using Lune’s best practice go-to-market messaging guidance.

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Make sharing climate impact a breeze
Help your customers introduce sustainability into their brands by using a Lune-generated sustainability page to easily share an impact summary and carbon certificates.

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We partnered with Lune because of the level of granularity in their emissions calculations and the flexibility their API provides. We assessed several providers and Lune is truly challenging the status quo and revolutionising the carbon markets.
Nina Göntgen-Voss
Nina Göntgen-VossDirector of Sustainability at Forto
Become a sustainable logistics provider