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Grow your business by helping
shippers become a force for good
Grow your business by helping
shippers become a force for good
Integrate automated emissions calculations
Increase customer acquisition by integrating automated emissions calculations into your customer experience – with full control over the level of granularity – based on industry best practice, the GLEC framework and compliant with ISO 14083.

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Smart Freight Centre GLEC accreditation
Logistics Dashboard
Empower customers to offset shipping emissions
Engage your customers and build loyalty by letting them offset their shipping emissions directly through your platform — ranging from traditional carbon offsets to permanent carbon removal projects.

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Communication is key
Start the conversation with your customers safely and confidently with Lune's best practice messaging frameworks and communication templates.

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Lune's go-to-market support enabled us to go live with confidence and bring climate further into our customer experiences. We assessed several providers and Lune is truly challenging the status quo and revolutionising the carbon markets.
Nina Göntgen-Voss
Nina Göntgen-VossDirector of Sustainability at Forto
67% of shippers are choosing offsets, so let’s get started!