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Quality carbon projects
that feel like a breath of fresh air
Quality over quantity
Looking for peace of mind that your carbon projects are creating real climate impact? All projects are handpicked based on rigorous in-house analysis and leading external carbon offset evaluations. We curate projects for durable, additional, and measurable carbon benefits with robust risk mitigations.

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Quality over quantity
Important co-benefits beyond CO₂
Removing and reducing CO₂ is priority #1 for measuring climate impact. However, quality projects go beyond and support important co-benefits, such as improved biodiversity, protection of endangered species, and better jobs and education in local communities.
Project developers who deliver on their promises
Behind every project is a group of humans working tirelessly to deliver significant climate benefits. The integrity of the project developer and their capacity to deliver is as important as their methodology. Lune builds long term partnerships with leading project developers to support the sustainability of their important work.
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Different bundles
You do not need to be a carbon markets expert
Lune Project Bundles allow you to purchase trusted carbon offsets with confidence even if you are not a carbon markets expert. We take care of understanding the jargon-filled carbon markets and make it more consumable. Project Bundles also mitigate risks associated with choosing individual projects.

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