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Everything needed to hit your net zero target, all in one place: Greencast partners with Lune
Everything needed to hit your net zero target, all in one place: Greencast partners with Lune
The decarbonisation platform making it effortless for any business to reduce their emissions as much as possible and buy carbon removals to address the rest – announcing a partnership between Lune and GreencastJanuary 18, 2023
Lune x Greencast

Decarbonising a company is a pretty monumental task, and often it’s a sustainability team of one trying to make it happen. 

Greencast is changing that. Their decarbonisation platform minimises the effort of measuring, analysing, and reducing company emissions, whilst also maximising the impact – from science-backed reduction recommendations to a net zero journey planner.

But, one problem remained.

Even with the best efforts, no business will ever produce zero emissions – so to reach a net zero emissions target, they’ll need to neutralise the remaining, unavoidable emissions through carbon removal. Greencast wanted to be able to integrate the option for their customers to buy trusted carbon removal credits, to provide an end-to-end decarbonisation solution.

And that’s why Greencast is now partnering with Lune to offer high-quality carbon removals.

“Lune Pay is an integrated solution that makes it very easy for our customers to purchase trusted, verified carbon credits without needing to do their own in-depth research – all at a decent price.”
Konstantinos Kouzelis
Konstantinos KouzelisCEO of Greencast

Specifically, Greencast have initially implemented Lune Pay – a low code, hosted carbon offset page, which is the easiest way to give their customers a way to contribute to their choice of carbon removal projects.

Here’s what the Greencast and Lune partnership looks like in practice – bringing Lune’s carbon projects within the Greencast platform:

Integrated carbon removals – screenshot showing Lune's projects accessible in the Greencast platform

Greencast have chosen to work with Lune, and implement Lune Pay, for a few key reasons:

  • Access to a curated list of high-quality carbon removal projects: Greencast’s own focus on maximising business climate impact meant that they needed to be able to offer verified projects to their customers – Lune gives them easy access to a library of curated, high-quality carbon projects that they can trust

  • The fast way to offer climate contributions: Lune Pay offered Greencast a quick and simple way to implement carbon removal purchases into their existing customer experience – in fact, a Greencast intern only needed a few days to implement

  • Greencast's customers pay Lune directly: Greencast does not need to handle the carbon offset funds but instead allow their customers to pay Lune directly for their carbon removal contributions.

Now, Greencast offer companies a full, end-to-end solution for their net zero journey – measure, analyse, reduce, and remove 💪🌍.

“SMBs are mostly underserved from a climate tooling perspective. We are excited to partner with Greencast, enabling their SMB customers to go beyond their own value chains to take action at scale.”
Erik Stadigh
Erik StadighCEO and Co-founder of Lune

Get in touch with us about the partnership

Have a question about the Greencast and Lune partnership? Interested in working with Lune to maximise your business climate impact? Want to see a demo of Lune Pay or the Lune API in action?

Get in touch – we’d love to chat.

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