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Webinar: learn the benefits of sustainable logistics in Spain 🇪🇸
There has never been a better, or more important, time to build a sustainable logistics offering in Spain. That’s why our partner, Forto, has invited Lune to join their discussion on how companies can get started quickly in creating sustainable climate impact.May 10, 2023

Rising fossil fuel prices, economic volatility, new technologies, and upcoming legislation are raising awareness about sustainability in Spain. Sustainable logistics offerings create environmental, economic, and reputational benefits; however, creating a high quality offering can easily feel overwhelming.

We’re excited to share that Lune will join the second edition of a “Logistics Talks” webinar hosted by our partner, Forto, and GoodShipping, to discuss how companies can help to tackle this topic.

Lune’s logistics expert Maria Lacalle Muls will join Forto’s Theresa von Rennenberg and Ángel Hierro, along with Sophia Carrillo Beeck from GoodShipping, to discuss how new climate-related regulations will impact Spanish companies, the benefits of getting started now, and what to practically do in order to create a high quality, digital sustainable logistics offering.


The 60-minute webinar will cover:

  • Context in Spain: Legislation and benefits generated by sustainable logistics
  • Sustainability trends: Innovation, optimization, alternatives and digitalisation
  • Case studies: Experiences in sustainable logistics. What works and what doesn't

Join the discussion on Thursday 25 May 2023 from 10-11 am.

Register for the webinar

Please note: This webinar will be conducted in Spanish! 🇪🇸


Learn more about Forto

Forto is one of Europe’s leading platforms for digital logistics and freight forwarding. Their mission is to help their customers build highly transparent, frictionless and sustainable supply chains.

There’s huge potential for transformation in the logistics industry when it comes to sustainability – and Forto is leading the way. They’re measuring carbon emissions and helping companies take action by compensating for their shipping emissions – as well as contributing to carbon offsetting projects themselves.

Forto are driving change in the logistics sector, and at Lune we’re doing the same for the carbon markets. Coming together as two bold companies dedicated to challenging the status quo on sustainability means there’s huge potential to accelerate change at scale.

“In order to remain at the forefront of climate innovation in the logistics space, we partnered with Lune to get the highest levels of trust and transparency in the carbon projects that Forto, and our customers, contribute to. Lune’s go-to-market support enabled us to go live with confidence and bring climate further into our customer experiences.”
Nina Göntgen-Voss
Nina Göntgen-VossDirector of Sustainability at Forto
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