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Carbon captured through Direct Air Capture is permanently trapped in concrete for the first time, and other updates from Lune’s carbon projects
Carbon captured through Direct Air Capture is permanently trapped in concrete for the first time, and other updates from Lune’s carbon projects
Sharing the latest updates from the Lune library of high-quality carbon offset projects – the projects working at the forefront of climate solutions.February 15, 2023
Delta Blue Carbon, Living Carbon, UNDO

How can we see the tangible, real-world impact of the carbon credits we buy from a project? It’s a request we often get from our Lune customers. 

So, to help bring the impact of business carbon offsetting to life, we’re publishing monthly updates from Lune’s library of curated, high-quality carbon offset projects (we won’t have updates for every project every time, but we’ll share what we do) – and this is the update for February 2023

To support any of the projects mentioned in this blog, go to the Lune dashboard to buy carbon credits (you’ll need to sign-up or log-in to access the projects.)

CarbonCure – concrete mineralisation 🏗️

This month CarbonCure and Heirloom (a Direct Air Capture project) hit a huge milestone through their collaborative demonstration project: carbon dioxide captured via Heirloom’s DAC was permanently stored in concrete for the first time ever, using CarbonCure’s technology for injecting CO2 into concrete.

“This demonstration project is a global milestone for carbon removal technology that confirms concrete’s enormous potential as a climate solution that can permanently store carbon in our most essential infrastructure - from roads and runways to hospitals and housing.”
Robert NivenChair and CEO of CarbonCure Technologies.

This means that the carbon emissions removed by DAC can now be put to use in construction, and will still stay safely out of the atmosphere.

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Carbon Cure team members injecting carbon from DAC into their concrete
Photo credit: Carbon Cure technologies

Delta Blue Carbon – mangrove restoration 🌿

Delta Blue Carbon have been continuing their community benefit work, ensuring local communities gain from the mangrove restoration work in the project area. 

In the past month, this includes:

  • A training and awareness session for local communities on safe drinking water and hygiene.
  • A medical camp in partnership with NGO Shine Humanity, providing health check ups and medicine free of charge to local communities. 

The project team has also been busy conducting monitoring checks. Recently they performed a biodiversity check, collecting data on biodiversity data within the project’s conservation area. 

Biodiversity checks taking place at the Delta Blue Carbon project, team members using nets to check wildlife in the river
The Delta Blue Carbon team gathering data to measure biodiversity conservation in the project area. Photo credit: Delta Blue Carbon.

Living Carbon – biotech-enhanced reforestation 🌳

Living Carbon shared that they have raised a successful series A round of $21 million from investors including Temasek, Lowercarbon Capital, and Toyota Ventures!

This is great news, meaning the Living Carbon team will now be able to continue and to accelerate their project – which is identifying and implementing ways to enhance the natural carbon removal power of trees.

The funding means that the team can hit their goal of planting 4 million seedlings of their photosynthesis-enhanced hybrid poplar tree, which grows at a rate 30-50% faster than standard seedlings. They will also continue their Research & Development pipeline to continue finding new, innovative solutions. 

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Rows of seedlings
Rows of Living Carbon's photosynthesis-enhanced seedlings. Photo credit: Living Carbon.

UNDO – enhanced weathering 🪨

UNDO released a video on LinkedIn with their Soil Scientist, Ifeoma Edeh, talking through their process for soil sampling at their trial site in Scotland and the indicators they look out for to check that carbon removal is taking place – changes in pH, electrical conductivity, and more.

This is a crucial part of their monitoring and measurement process, ensuring that their estimations of carbon removal are accurate.

Go to the LinkedIn post

Screenshot of UNDO's linkedin post showing a video with their soil scientist

Running Tide – ocean carbon removal 🌊

Running Tide announced a partnership with Tetra Tech which sees them bring together two vital climate solutions: their ocean health and carbon removal project, and offshore wind projects producing renewable energy. 

The partnership seeks to bring nature-based solutions within offshore wind projects, ensuring that ocean habitats are being protected and biodiversity is being boosted at offshore wind locations – improving overall ocean health and reducing climate risks in the ocean. 

This also includes how Running Tide’s pioneering approach to ocean carbon removal – growing and sinking kelp – can be applied to offshore wind sites. Some of the proposals can be seen in the below diagram by Running Tide:

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Diagram showing ocean health and removal possibilities at offshore wind turbine sites. Credit: Running Tide.

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