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New in Lune: Track scope 3 emissions with no-code logistic analytics pages
Measuring and reporting on scope 3 emissions is hard. Lune’s new no-code logistics analytics pages make it a whole lot easier.February 22, 2024
New in Lune: Track scope 3 emissions with no-code logistic analytics pages

In 2024, over 50,000 companies must report on scope 3 emissions to comply with regulations such as the EU’s CSRD. This includes those emitted by their supply chain.

But measuring and tracking supply chain emissions is incredibly hard. 

According to the London Stock Exchange (LSEG), “Scope 3 emissions present one of the most vexing problems in climate finance.” For logistics leaders, this is an opportunity to win new deals, grow customer stickiness, and accelerate revenue.

Lune is committed to unlocking end-to-end sustainable logistics for our customers and their clients. This is why our new logistics analytics pages are designed to help freight forwarders and shippers get regulation-ready, by seamlessly integrating essential emission information into their operations.

Introducing no-code logistics analytics pages

Fully-automated Lune’s no-code logistic analytics pages are a transformative tool for logistic companies and their clients. They unlock easy access to vital data such as shipment emission analytics, estimates, and detailed emission calculation breakdowns.

Those going beyond compliance can also see the impact of their climate contributions. The analytics page also maps carbon credit purchases by project type, location, verification standard, etc. Helping them communicate their climate impact clearly, and with peace of mind. 

With Lune, Freight forwarders and shippers can now:

  • View shipment emission analytics: gain comprehensive insights into their emissions
  • See their shipment emission estimates: dive into detailed estimates for a thorough understanding
  • Understand calculation breakdown: audit how calculations were made
  • Map the impact of climate contributions: see how carbon credit purchases align with your business strategy

For logistics customers and their clients, our automated analytics pages put decision-useful information at their fingertips. This empowers them with the insights needed to support compliance, set credible climate targets, and make informed choices that align with their sustainability objectives.

Introducing no-code logistics analytics pages

Win more deals with end-to-end sustainable logistics

As the waves of sustainability regulation grow ever closer, logistics companies are realising the commercial value of reporting their emissions and climate impact. If you’re ready to ride the wave with Lune, request a demo today!

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