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We connect you with innovative carbon removal and high-quality carbon offset projects

Select from our library of projects according to your brand and sustainability strategy:

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What makes a high-quality project?

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Trust is key

The projects are either verified by an independent 3rd party (such as Gold Standard or Verra), have gone through some other rigorous 3rd party assessment and/or use technology to improve confidence in the quality.


The longer the carbon is stored, the better in order to limit the reversal of the offset. Forests can store carbon from 10s to 100s of years and technological solutions (such as direct air capture) for 1000s of years.


The emissions reductions or carbon removal is generated in addition to what would have happened without the offset programme.


Projects can only claim reductions or removal where the impact is measured and quantified.

Selected example projects



Located near the Colombia-Venezuela border, the Vichada project combines reforestation with biodiversity protection. The project resulted in 76,000 hectares successfully reforested.


Nordgau Carbon

Nordgau Carbon, located in South-Eastern Germany, produces biochar from biomass waste sourced from local forestry operations. The process safely stores CO2 for 1,000+ years.

Enhanced weathering


In the Netherlands, greenSand specialises in the mineral olivine. It is a material which captures CO2 from the atmosphere in a natural process and in a permanently binding fashion.

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