Olivia Howlett
Olivia HowlettMarketing Manager
JAS Worldwide partners with Lune to help shippers contribute to climate action
We are delighted to announce that JAS Worldwide and Lune are partnering to continue to champion sustainable practices in logistics.January 15, 2024

JAS Worldwide, a global supply chain and logistics company, has announced its partnership with Lune, a leading provider for funding high quality climate projects. This collaboration will enable JAS customers to contribute to climate projects and compensate for difficult-to-abate logistics emissions.

As the transport and logistics industry contributes approx. 11% of global CO₂ emissions, JAS sees that it has an important role to play in tackling the challenge of reducing the industry’s impact. In addition to reducing CO₂ emissions from freight, JAS aims to extend its influence beyond the logistics value chain and enable its customers to take action by contributing to impactful climate projects around the world. However, navigating this commitment with credibility poses a unique challenge, given the carbon credit market's prevalence of projects with questionable impact and limited transparency.

To enable its customers to contribute to climate projects in a credible way, JAS has selected Lune as its partner for carbon offsetting, because of its shared commitment to transparency and positive impact. By leveraging a rigorous vetting process and comprehensive six-point evaluation criteria, Lune curates a list of high quality climate projects, such as reforestation, mangroves restoration, concrete mineralisation, or enhanced rock weathering. The initial projects chosen by JAS Worldwide are aligned with the Oxford Offsetting Principles best-in-class portfolio.

JAS customers will receive transparent information about the projects and their impact as well as a dedicated carbon credit certificate for completed purchases. Transparency and accountability are crucial in today’s complex and ambiguous voluntary carbon markets.

By offering our customers not only biofuel insetting and network optimization solutions, but also offsetting opportunities through our partnership with Lune, we help them achieve their environmental goals while keeping our promise to make a positive impact.
Andrea Goeman
Andrea GoemanSVP QHSE & Sustainability at JAS Worldwide
Working with JAS Worldwide, we are excited to bring a new level of integrity and clarity to end-to-end sustainable logistics. Our collaboration sets a new standard for how the logistics sector can contribute to a climate positive world.
Erik Stadigh
Erik StadighCo-founder and CEO at Lune

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