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Tabitha Whiting
Tabitha WhitingContent Marketing
Quality over quantity: how we evaluate carbon projects at Lune
Quality over quantity: how we evaluate carbon projects at Lune
Our carbon projects are thoughtfully curated for durable, additional, and measurable carbon benefits with robust risk mitigations. But how do we actually go about choosing which projects we offer?December 21, 2022
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‘How do you choose your carbon projects?’ It’s one of our FAQs.

And understandably so – we’re all about improving integrity, and transparency in business offsetting to ensure real-world impact is made; we need to practise what we preach.

The reality is that the voluntary carbon market is currently unregulated, leading to many low-quality projects with questionable impact. That’s why we’re committed to sourcing the highest quality carbon projects out there and making them accessible to corporate carbon buyers, helping them take the right approach to business sustainability.

But how do we actually go about sourcing projects? What are we looking for in high-quality carbon projects? What red flags are there in low-quality projects? And why do we recommend businesses take a portfolio approach to carbon offsetting?

“Up to 90% of projects we evaluate fail to meet our criteria, even if they have been third-party certified by Verra or Gold Standard. We handpick projects with a laser-focus on quality and real impact.”
Erik Stadigh
Erik StadighCEO and Co-founder of Lune

We’ve put together a guide to answer all of these questions – Quality over quantity: how we evaluate carbon projects at Lune.

Mock up showing the front cover of the guide: Quality over quantity – how we evaluate carbon projects at Lune

The guide covers:

  • Our internal analysis process
  • The external frameworks we align with, including BeZero ratings and the Oxford Offsetting Principles for Net Zero Aligned Offsetting
  • An explanation of the 6 criteria we use to analyse the quality of carbon projects: durability, measurability, additionality, co-benefits, risk mitigation, and confidence in the project developer.
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“Lune’s diverse and high-quality project bundles allowed us to significantly de-risk our climate strategy in line with the Oxford Offsetting Principles.”
Dean Malmgren
Dean MalmgrenPartner at IDEO

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Offsetting guide
Offsetting guide