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New: streamline carbon credit purchases with Lune’s portfolio curator
January 19, 2024
New in Lune: The portfolio curator

Climate leaders are integrating carbon credits into their climate strategy. But finding the right climate projects to fund is a difficult and time-consuming process. This is the problem Lune’s new portfolio curator solves.

When it comes to buying carbon credits, companies generally have some sense of what they’re looking for. These climate projects sit at the golden intersection between their company’s climate strategy, what resonates with their customers, and supports the business values. But when it comes to building a carbon credit portfolio, finding the right projects and distributing funds correctly isn’t easy.

What is Lune’s portfolio curator?

Before, building carbon credit portfolios meant a lot of desk work, spending months liaising with climate project developers, and countless emails going back and forth with consultants. And we simply don’t have time for that. The climate clock is ticking.

Now, Lune’s portfolio curator streamlines the project selection process. It takes your requirements and provides several best-in-class carbon credit portfolio options that meet your needs. All in just a few hours.

The requested proposal can then be shared with all decision-makers, helping to secure company buy-in. Combined with the quality of Lune’s library of climate projects, this cultivates stakeholder confidence and maximises impact.

Quality over quantity: how we evaluate carbon credits at Lune

How does the portfolio curator work?

At Lune, we’re always innovating to find new ways of navigating carbon credits with ease and expertise. Charley, one of the Software Engineers who built the portfolio curator, shares how effortless and intuitive it is to use in the video below.

What requirements can I submit?

Whether the focus is on innovative or traditional projects, based in a business’ home country or where their operations are, this feature helps customers take control of their carbon removal strategy. 

With Lune’s portfolio curator, you can request best-in-class climate project portfolios as unique as your business by customising the following:

  • Number of tonnes of CO₂
  • Budget 
  • Number of projects
  • Geographies 
  • Project characteristics 
  • Reductions vs. removal
  • Carbon storage timeframe
  • Certification
  • Project type

Navigate carbon credits with ease and expertise

With the latest climate science showing emissions must peak before 2025 and decline 43% by 2030 to limit global warming to 1.5°C, the pressure is on Sustainability Leads to use carbon credits to accelerate net zero. This is why we want to make company-aligned and impactful carbon removal as streamlined as possible. 

The portfolio curator empowers businesses to accelerate comprehensive and robust net zero strategies. If you’re ready to partner with Lune, sign up today to explore how we can accelerate your sustainability goals.

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