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Procurement is about to go climate positive: Paid partners with Lune
Bringing real climate impact into procurement transactions – announcing a partnership between Lune and PaidFebruary 7, 2023
Lune x Paid

Lengthy processes, lack of visibility, staying compliant – all issues that have traditionally made procurement a complicated and inefficient part of running a business. 

Paid is bringing procurement into the digital world.

Paid’s platform makes long tail procurement enjoyable for large enterprise buyers, with automated and transparent processes, easy onboarding, and confidence in compliance. Suppliers benefit too, with easy access to enterprise buyers and streamlined processes for faster payments.

And now they’re going a step further, in collaboration with Lune.

With so many businesses now working towards climate goals or net zero targets, and sustainability regulations heating up, the environmental impact of suppliers is becoming increasingly important – procurement is a particularly crucial area for business sustainability, because Scope 3 emissions are notoriously the hardest part of a company’s carbon footprint to measure and address.

Now, with Paid, businesses can get ahead of the game on sustainable procurement. 

Using Lune’s API, the carbon emissions of any procurement purchase will now be automatically calculated through the Paid platform, by default. This makes the environmental impact instantly visible for corporate buyers for simple sustainability reporting, whilst also enabling them to evaluate suppliers and purchases based on climate impact.

“Integrating with Lune’s API has made it incredibly easy for us to bring a sustainable solution into our procurement platform – automating real-world climate impact as we automate procurement processes.”
Graham Morley
Graham MorleyProduct Manager at Paid

Plus, buyers can also choose to opt in to offset the emissions of their purchase through Lune’s library of trusted, high-quality carbon projects, bringing real climate action into every single procurement transaction that takes place through Paid. Every project offered by Lune plays a critical role in combating climate change — from protecting wildlife and nature to scaling cutting-edge technologies, and advancing social equity.

So now, through Paid’s platform, large, multinational companies like ISS and Bouygues can now easily measure the emissions of their long tail spend to include in their Scope 3 calculations. And they can take action too, making a large proportion of their procurement emissions carbon neutral automatically through the offsetting option – all through one, seamless procurement platform. 

Screenshot showing a request for catering services within Paid's procurement platform, and showing how it can be made carbon neutral through the integration with Lune.

Want to know more?

Want to chat about how you could work with Lune to bring climate impact into your product or service? Get in touch – we’d love to chat.

Interested in Paid’s sustainable procurement offering? Contact [email protected]

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