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Climate disclosure regulations are coming into effect across the world – here’s what you need to know
Climate disclosure regulations are coming into effect across the world – here’s what you need to know
Legislation requiring companies to report on sustainability – their environmental impact and the risks and opportunities facing the business – is upcoming across the globe, from the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive to the US proposed SEC climate disclosure rule. February 15, 2023

The dial is being turned up on mandatory climate disclosure for businesses.

For some businesses, it’s already here – large companies are legally required to submit sustainability reports in several countries across the world now. 

It won’t be long before it’s mandatory for all businesses, of all sizes, in all sectors, in all countries to report on the environmental impact of their business, their plans for addressing it, and the climate risks and opportunities facing them.

So, it’s important to keep updated on the latest sustainability regulations for businesses.

We’ll keep this article updated with the latest news and updates on climate disclosure requirements across the world – so make sure you bookmark it to find it easily later, and sign up to our newsletter too to be notified of any updates.

So far, we’ve covered:

  • Global standards for climate disclosure (including the TCFD and ISSB)
  • Existing and upcoming regulations in the EU, US, and UK
  • Sector-specific legislation and guidance for the payments and logistics industries

Global standards for climate disclosure

The guidance and requirements being developed to govern what companies should include in their sustainability reporting, including the TCFD and ISSB.

Read more in our article: What should you include in corporate sustainability reporting? An overview of global standards for climate disclosure

Logos: IFRS Sustainability Alliance, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, TCFD, GRI, CDP

Existing and upcoming global corporate sustainability regulations

More and more countries are introducing mandatory climate disclosure requirements, notably:

acmepay Company Emissions 2022 report

Sector specific legislation – logistics and payments

Legislation on climate disclosure will impact all companies across all different sectors.

But, it does have slightly different implications for different industries. And, there are some specific pieces of legislation relevant to specific industries too.


Left hand photo: a red container ship in the middle of the ocean. Right hand photo: a moss-covered plastic box.
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