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How to make the business case for a sustainable supply chain – get internal buy-in with this free slide deck template
How to make the business case for a sustainable supply chain – get internal buy-in with this free slide deck template
The business case for a sustainable supply chain is a no-brainer, mitigating climate risk whilst gaining huge competitive advantage. But, getting internal buy-in to implement a sustainable logistics solution isn't always easy. This free slide deck template will help you make a killer pitch to your senior leaders.January 23, 2023
The business case for sustainable logistics at [insert company name]. Free download.

The business case for sustainability in general is a strong one – and it's even stronger in the logistics sector.

Businesses across all industries will be mandated to report on their environmental impact, and they'll be looking to their suppliers to help them calculate and reduce that impact. Naturally, that includes their logistics suppliers, with the transport of goods being high-emitting.

In itself, that's enough of a reason for logistics companies to make sustainable logistics solutions a priority ASAP.

But it doesn't stop there. Add on top of that, that extreme weather events are wreaking supply chain havoc across the entire economy. And that end-consumers are looking for climate-friendly options, which includes how their purchases are delivered. It goes on. And on. And on.

Bringing sustainability to the core of a logistics business is a no-brainer.

We know that.

But, getting internal buy-in from senior leaders and decision makers to make sustainability a commercial priority is still difficult.

That's why we've put together a slide deck template for pitching the business case for sustainability in logistics businesses.

Whether you're part of a sustainability team at your logistics company, or you're just a keen employee who would love to see their company acting boldly on climate, this slide deck gives you a starting point for pitching the commercial value that sustainability will bring to the business.

It's full of the key arguments within the business case for sustainable logistics solutions, backed up with the latest research, statistics, quotations, and example case studies from companies like Forto that are already successfully differentiating using a sustainable logistics proposition.

Plus, there are prompts and suggestions within the slide deck where it would help your case to add in evidence and information specific to your company and the key goals and targets of your decision makers in particular.

To access the slide deck template, fill in this form.

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