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Meet Vestre: the furniture manufacturer buying permanent carbon removal to neutralise residual emissions
Join our live webinar: “The joys of logistics & scaling climate action”
How to suck all that carbon we’ve emitted back out of the atmosphere – a deep dive on Direct Air Capture
Product update: Greater transparency has arrived in the Lune dashboard
Female leadership in forest conservation, new sites for carbon capture and other updates from Lune’s carbon projects
Lune joins the Chain.io network to build the sustainable supply chain of the future
What is double counting in carbon offsetting? And why is it important?
5 examples of the real-world impact of (high-quality) carbon offsets
Embedding sustainability within the supply chain: Veratrak partners with Lune
Everything you need to know about new IMO measures – the Carbon Intensity Indicator and Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index
Climate disclosure regulations are coming into effect across the world – here’s what you need to know
Carbon captured through Direct Air Capture is permanently trapped in concrete for the first time, and other updates from Lune’s carbon projects
What should you include in corporate sustainability reporting? An overview of global standards for climate disclosure
Procurement is about to go climate positive: Paid partners with Lune
5 reasons CEOs should care about climate impact
How businesses can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals through carbon offsetting
The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal: we need to scale up carbon removal tech quickly to meet climate targets
$63 billion of global trade will be lost each year due to climate change impacts on ports
The Voluntary Carbon Market is on the cusp of a major turning point – and it needs the support of business leaders
How much do carbon credits cost?
How to make the business case for a sustainable supply chain – get internal buy-in with this free slide deck template
Lune's response to The Guardian's article: agreeable conclusion but flawed methodology
Everything needed to hit your net zero target, all in one place: Greencast partners with Lune
Lune introduces first-to-market instant carbon credit retirement process
What is ‘climate quitting’? Meet the employees on the hunt for green jobs

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Offsetting guide
Offsetting guide