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Avoiding overestimation in carbon offset projects, explained
How technology enhances transparency in offsetting: catching up with Harry Grocott and Rob Godfrey, founders of Treeconomy
New sites for Direct Air Capture, a 3D photo booth to measure kelp growth, and other updates from Lune’s carbon offset projects
COP27 carbon markets roundup: some progress made on Article 6, but it falls short of the bold action we need
The EU Parliament has officially adopted the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive – here’s everything you need to know 
Amplifying nature’s climate solution – a deep dive on ocean carbon removal
Digitisation and sustainability: the 2 major trends shaping logistics in 2022 
Lune’s logistics emissions calculations accredited by Smart Freight Centre under the GLEC Framework
Nature-based solutions, explained
Accelerating natural processes for increased carbon removal – a deep dive on enhanced rock weathering
Huge concrete mineralisation milestones hit, endangered deer sightings, and other updates from Lune’s carbon offset projects
Permanence in carbon offsetting, explained
New corporate sustainability reporting rules will have big implications for the logistics industry
Salesforce partners with Lune on their Net Zero Marketplace
Creating new forests for carbon removal – a deep dive on afforestation
Forget sealing wax: designing a certificate in step with the times
3 reasons that the biggest business risk we face is now climate change
$500 vs $5 carbon credits – why does cost vary so much in carbon offsetting?
Additionality in carbon offsetting, explained
6 commercial reasons to make sustainability your top business priority
What does transparency actually look like in business climate communications?
NayaOne partners with Lune to make banking climate positive
Sustainable logistics solutions: routes optimised for low carbon, automated offsetting, and more
The psychological reason that business climate action leads to customer loyalty
How much CO2 do we really emit, visualised

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